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Violetta Sharps Jones education 5-1-2011.mp3
A conversation with Violetta Sharps Jones on her experiences growing up and going to school in Lakeland during segregation.

“All of the teachers were amazing” ~ the teachers, at the Lakeland schools, made sure every student was…

This interview with Regina Thomas Barton begins with a discussion of why her grandparents, Andrew and Alice Thomas, moved to Lakeland from Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Ms. Barton describes that she thinks it was to create a community of their own,… Oral Histories/boardley2007.mp3
An oral history interview conducted with Pamela Boardley by Eli Pousson as part of an IMPART funded oral history research project. Oral Histories/L-012.mp3
This interview of Dervy Lomax by Neil (last name unknown) is one of two interviews Mr. Lomax has given as part of the Lakeland Community Heritage Project's oral history archive. The interview is broken into two parts: basic biographical data about…
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