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This interview was conducted with Gela Sandage Brooks on April 27, 2011. Ms. Brooks discusses her time as a student at Lakeland School, Greenbelt Jr. High, High Point High School, and the University of Maryland. Ms. Brooks also talks about being a…

Violetta Sharps-Jones oral history 2.wav
Violetta Sharps Jones, with her infant grandson, was interviewed on November 18, 2009.

After not knowing her maternal or paternal grandparents, Violetta became interested in her genealogy. She is able to trace back her family’s roots in… Oral Histories/L-012.mp3
This interview of Dervy Lomax by Neil (last name unknown) is one of two interviews Mr. Lomax has given as part of the Lakeland Community Heritage Project's oral history archive. The interview is broken into two parts: basic biographical data about…
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